Yoga helping in hair growth: Learn 6 ways to do it the right way.

Yoga helping in hair growth: Learn 6 ways to do it the right way.

Yoga has been born and developed in the blood of India since ages. Yoga which comes from the word yuj meaning union of joining one’s mind with concentration to his body.

Yoga can be identified as forming postures or sitting in concentration in a peaceful environment which helps in better flexibility and circulation of blood along with protection of mind and soul from negative vibes leading to protection of one’s body from diseases. Yoga has been due to its rich heritage and various benefits have been promoted by the leaders in India and its authenticity is celebrated on 21 June every year.

Not only in India but the beauty of yoga is adapted by various other countries due to the fact that it is so useful. Yoga follows the principle of uniqueness of the entity along with the idea of healing the unique entity’s issues with self-care and concentration which helps in cleaning of mind. Yoga treats soul and mind as the centre of an individual’s body and hence believes it should be the mind which should be cleaned first.

One issue which is commonly dealt with youths, adults and old people is hair fall. The common reason witnessed behind such hair-fall is either hormonal changes or stress, both of which can be curbed and protected through yoga. Yoga since helps in circulation of blood and hormones in the veins and concentration in the form of meditation helps relieve stress.

But it is very important that Yoga must be performed through correct ways since doing it the wrong way may lead to harmful side effects. Give below are 6 mudras for hair growth/mudra yogas for hair growth:


In this mudra, the person has to form a table-like structure on the floor and not on any couch or bed. The person will have to strengthen its knees and elbow to continue with the further move. Then the person has to push one’s abdominal body inward and hip outward forming a V shape structure with his legs and hip. To lock the position one must press the palm to the ground and fix the neck elongate. Keep the postures until few breaths. This posture helps the circulation of blood to the mind building a better flow to the head.


In this posture, one has to bend on his knees and sit on the buttocks interlocking the toes. The person has to keep one’s spine and neck straight in order to form an aligned position. Then one must keep his hands on the knees and carry the posture for 2-10 minutes along with heavy breathes. This posture depletes stress and tension along with help in burning fat reducing obesity.


This posture might be a little difficult for the beginners but the practice it’s easy to go with. To begin with, one has to stand straight with feet hip-distance apart. Then while inhalation lengthens your spine keeping palm on the hips. Hinging the hip one has to reach for the floor and to avoid strain on the back, you might even bend your knees a little. While hanging your arms and head freely the individual has to bring his fingertips to the ground touching the floor. Apply complete weight on the tip of your feet and concentrate. Complete the posture until few breaths. This posture helps individual with enhancing the brain cell and provides a calm vibe leading to the cure of insomnia and headache.


In this, you have to tighten your fingers and interlock them by making a cup shape with your palm. Further, bend forward in such a way that you place the formed cup with the crown of your head. No one has to pull off your leg off the ground putting a little pressure with the upper area and as the body gets stable, you have to straighten your feet to maintain equilibrium. One has to keep its spine and thighs straight keeping it vertical to the ground. Relax from head to toe and breathe deeply. This yoga position helps in the flow of blood to the head and to the scalp along with strengthening the muscles providing nourishment to the brain.


In this posture fall to your knees keeping your palm on the hip. Ensuring that your feet are facing the ceiling and knees are line with shoulders. Now pull your tailbone towards your pubis through inhalation that you feel a stretch in your abdominal area. Make sure that you arch your back while doing this and place your palm on the feet. Keep your neck in a neutral position and hold it for 20-60 seconds. This posture helps you in maintaining chakras and body structure along with relieves stress. Another use of this posture is that it helps in stomach related issue that is digestion.


While doing this posture, one needs to lie straight on the ground keeping legs and hands extended. Now one must slowly bring your knees and clasps with your hand. Further, release your left knee straight while holding the right knee. Then bring your left knee back to the back and do the same drill with the right knee. Hold the posture until few breaths.

The benefits of this posture are that it helps with blood flow to the organs massaging it. This also strengthens the lower back, abdominal area along with reducing belly fat.

Other than these postures some fool proof yoga postures or practice are:

Rubbing your knuckles or fingertips for 15 minutes to help in hair fall and hair growth. This is known as Balayam yoga. Many articles have been posted on Nail Rubbing for hair growth, and there are n number of asanas for hair growth. You can search on google “How to regrow lost hair in 15 minutes a day” or “How to get Dense Hair” or “Exercise for hair fall” and you will get lots of information on this, along with lots of poses of yoga for hair regrowth/yoga for hair loss.

To curb grey hair growth, one must try the Trikona posture. This is also known as yoga for grey hair in local language. In this posture, one has to stand with feet 3 feet apart and then touch feet with alternative hands sideways. This also helps with back problems.

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