Queen of asanas!


Sarvangasana is also known as Salamba Sarvangasana. Or this asana is better known as shoulder stand. Yogis popularly regard it as mother or queen of all asanas. We will get to see the reason it’s behind its reputation by the end of this post. As the name suggests, it is known shoulder stand because the weight of the whole body rests on the bony part of the shoulders. When we perform this asana, our shoulder bears the burden of the body. But it translates to all limb pose. Because it’s benefits are diverse. And so many that it impacts the whole body.

This asana is a powerful one and must take it lightly. Since it sounds easy, we cannot mistake to perform it nonchalantly. But when in practice it is an inversion that helps the performer ease into the more complex inversions, when we follow it rigorously. Because it not only helps maintain physical health but also helps cure mental health. Regular practice of it creates consonance in the endocrine and nervous system for vibrant living. Yoga demands discipline. We can get the best of the results can with patience. Sarvangasana is a very beneficial yoga posture. There are numerous advantages that we can gain practising this asana. Let us look into the top ten most sought after benefits of the shoulder stand.

Here are the top ten benefits of Sarvangasana that everybody should know –

1. Aids in sound sleep:

As the world is progressing, so are the problems that have come along with the growth. We are going to talk about one of the most common issues that accompany almost everyone today. It is the difficulty of sound sleep. With recent lifestyle changes, sleep deprivation has become a common phenomenon. Everybody knows how important it is to have a sound and peaceful 8- hour sleep. It is the average duration of the period our body requires to ensure the proper functioning of the body. Lack of adequate sleep among young adults is adding to and a consequence of work pressure and stress. The problems that we experience on a day to day basis. Ensuring proper sleep is like ensuring mental sanity these days. Sarvangasana is an excellent aid to establish that you are going to have a good sleep routine by balancing the body and calming the mind.

2. Boosts circulation and prevents varicose veins:

The second benefit of Sarvangasana is that it helps enhances the blood circulation level in our threads. We can say that this asana aids in the natural flow of the blood. It helps maintain the course of direction. That is it naturally reverses the blood flow from a downward trend to an upward trend. And then again when we stand upright, the blood flows from upward direction to downward direction.

Again that is fresh blood which flows to the legs. This action of blood flow not only improves blood circulation but also prevents varicose veins just under the skin. Varicose veins can cause aching pain. Also, it is the cause of discomfort or signals underlying circulatory problems. Due to Sarvangasana, superficial veins do not become enlarged or twisted. This explanation may sound confusing, but it is easy to understand once the concept of it is clear. Therefore practice it see the results, empirically.

3. Soothes nervous system:

Now this is something we all want to experience, a calm nervous system. Like all yoga asanas, Sarvangasana too produces a calming effect on our shy system.we can feel it, especially in the parasympathetic nervous system. This asana is responsible for regulating unconscious actions in our body. These involuntary activities include the simulation of rest-and-digest, or feed and breed activities. That occurs when the body is at rest.

Moreover, it provides more excellent mental stability in any given situation to the practitioners. This asana should primarily be in practice by the people who have anger issues, anxiety and nervous breakdown. By practising this pose regularly, you can experience an overall mental revolution. So it means that it is the best asana for us today.

4. Good digestive health:

Our current scenario entitles us to numerous issues. And the love for junk food. That brings digestives issues, cannot be ignored. To describe it, with rapidly changing food trends increases consumption of junk delicacies. Lack of exercise and sedentary lifestyle has given rise to many digestive problems. How the asana works are -due to powerful gravitational pull on the body. When we perform the shoulder stand, it affects the abdominal muscles directly. Now, this results in free bowel movement and also relieves constipation. It is giving us an overall improved digestive health. Great digestion is the key to a healthy, disease-free body.

5. Enhances strength and flexibility:

We all need the power to get with the daily chores in our life. Also, we desire to have a flexible body. These two traits help protect us from injuries. Sarvgansasan allows shoulders to move to the back of our organisation. This movement leads to the correction of bad posture. The wrong stance of our bodies causes due to continuous sitting, bad posture or hunching. It also results in increased strength in the back area and tones the muscles. The benefits that it has to offer when practised with correct alignment. Is shoulder stand strengthens the upper body, legs, and abdominal muscles? It also increases the flexibility of the spine and opens the chest. Flexibility is an essential component of physical fitness. And has many positive effects on the body. It improves mobility, posture, and muscle coordination. And it reduces the risk of injuries and muscle soreness.

6. Triggers the throat chakra:

Not commonly known benefit of this asana is that it triggers the throat chakra. The throat chakra is the fifth chakra. Also popular as Visuddah, it is in affiliation with expression, creativity, and communication. We can stimulate it by shoulder stand. It has incredible effects on our emotions. Like using it, we can transform the negative feelings into wisdom and learning on igniting the chakra. The opening of the throat chakra harmoniously attunes human beings with their inner and outer vibrations. To attain this state of ignition regularly practice this formation β€” the chakra on stimulation and ignition results in greater optimism and productivity in our body.

7. Relives common cold:

Sarvangasana helps relieve nasal congestion, frequent cough and the headaches associated with it. How wonderful it is to treat our common cold without any use of medicines. I never thought it this easy. Let us understand how the asana functions to cure us of the common cold. It happens in a way that while performing this asana, the chin is in close contact with the chest. And the head stays on the ground in a firm position. Now the blood supply and the blood flow are in the direction towards the neck. And the head and it, therefore, gets enhanced β€” thus helping common combat cold. With the practice of this asana introductory and unnecessary medicines can be avoided. This asana not only cures the common cold and other problems associated with it but also is helpful in their prevention. So try shoulder stand next time you catch a cold. And thanks to us later for the tip.

8. Hair fall reduction:

The increase in the pollution level in our environment has affected us tremendously. We are facing premature hair loss. And it takes a toll on our pockets.  Many people engage in artificial treatments, transplants, pills, and various hair oils to solve this. The list to cope with it is endless. What are people not doing to get rid of hair fall? But remain unsatisfied.

And as a consequence have to deal with the adverse side effects that come with it. Again they have to be on a lookout for an alternative measure. One of the easiest and all-natural remedies to this problem is Sarvangasana. By practising this pose, we can help the supply of blood. And nutrients to go in the direction towards the scalp. This flow of blood happens due to being performed in an inverted position. Thus effectively reducing not only hair fall but also premature greying of the hair. And improve the strength and quality of the hair.

9. Therapeutic for thyroid:

One of the significant benefits of Sarvangasana is that it is very functional for combatting thyroid. For thyroid and parathyroid glands to be functioning, they require proper and healthy blood flow. And Sarvangasana guarantees precisely that. Practising this pose stimulates their functioning. And it ensures the good health of this gland. Practising this asana can prevent the onset of thyroid or delay it from taking place.

10. Cardiovascular fitness:

The cardiovascular system refers to the heart, blood vessels, and blood. Blood contains oxygen and other nutrients that our body needs to survive. The body takes the essential nutrients from the blood. When in an inverted position, the oxygenated blood circulates rapidly through the heart, thus resulting in the optimal functioning of the organ. To practice Sarvangasana, one needs to be in an inverted position which not only ensures it’s proper functioning but also prevents palpitations resulting in better heart health. Any problems resulting in improper operation of the cardiovascular system can be life-threatening so practising this asana becomes all the more critical.