Yoga is the cure for almost everything from major health problems to minor ones. Today we see a majority of people working for 8 to 9 hours sitting in the same place and posture, these are the people known as people with desk bound jobs. These people sit for hours and end up straining their back,neck, eyes, fingers etc.

Sitting in the right posture is a must for people with desk bound jobs but it is difficult for anybody to sit up straight for hours and the practice of sitting in the wrong posture leads to developing a bad body shape and other back problems like Spondylitis.

A majority of millennials belong to the category of people with stressful desk jobs and to develop any permanent problems at this age is not very tasteful.

So here are some asanas for those who are tired of sitting for hours-

1.Wide legged forward bend– This asana is the best for back and tight leg muscle problems, widen your legs and bend forward then try to touch your head and both hands on the floor .Bend as much as you can and feel some relief in your tight leg muscles caused due to sitting for hours.

2.Mountain Pose– This is the best stretching asana for back problems, stand in a comfortable position and bring your hands over your head with your palms facing each other and bend backward. while you bend backward ,breathe deeply and relax!

3.Slow Neck Stretches– This asana is the best for neck problems, sit in a cross legged position and lean your head on the right side and stretch until you feel a deep stretch on your left . Always remember to continue with the breathing while you stretch.

4.Bound Angle Pose– Become a butterfly and solve your problem ! This asana is really fun to do. Sit down straight with your knees wide open and the soles of your feet touching together.Try to bring your feet as close as you can towards your pelvis and wrap your hands around your feet. Once you are in this position, flap your knees up and down like butterfly wings and you will feel a relief in your back and feet.

5.Cobra Pose- Lie down facing the yoga mat with your chin touching the floor and feet kept together, raise your head up till your navel and stretch. Hold this pose for a while and relax!

6.Cow Pose- This asana helps in relaxing your whole body! Come in a tabletop position and put your knees below hips in alignment and keep your shoulders and arms at a right angle to the floor and look straight.

7.Downward Facing Dog– Come in a tabletop position with your hands stretching forward and touching the floor but make sure your hands are still below your shoulders, straighten your legs and engage your core to lift the pelvis upwards creating an inverted “v”.

8.Triangle Pose- Widen your legs and place your left foot on the top of the mat and right at the back , then bring your left hand down and try to touch your left foot with your right hand extended upwards facing the ceiling.

9.High Lunge Pose- Stand and place your right foot forward and raise your hands,make sure your knees are directly over your ankle and then straighten your back leg. This is very relaxing for the lower body.

10.Supine Twist- Lay on your back and extend your arms out, then bring your knees into your chest and drop them to the right side of the mat.Relax your left shoulder and lengthen your left side waist.

These are some very simple yoga exercises which will help you relax after 8-9 hours of stressful desk bound jobs and will surely keep you relaxed and happy!