Science and spirituality. Vigyan aur aatmgyan.

So many of us are lost in this daily struggle of choosing one over the other. For one requires evidence and the other requires faith.

Through most of our lives, we are associated with only one of them. In our childhood, science takes the first grasp of our mind. Everything we are taught in school is carefully and gradually leading up to evidence-based knowledge. Spirituality is a topic that is not even heard of until one reaches an age of self-identification and self-discovery.

Interestingly enough this is also the age where we start seeing that not all evidence-based knowledge is factual or true. We start seeing that a lot of the stuff that was taught to us by teachers and parents is either outdated or itself based on some sort of faith-based mechanism.

So what is spirituality? Spirituality is an internal counterpart to science. When you choose the method of evidence-based knowledge you are looking externally into an expedition of knowledge gained and shared by others. However, spirituality is an individual and internal journey into the workings of our heart body mind and soul. Simply by this definition, it becomes inherently impossible to follow exactly the routes taken by others. For every soul is different. Our teachers or spiritual gurus can show us the method taken by each one of them. They can show us the results achieved by them after taking those methods.

However, it is almost certain that even a step-by-step follow of their expeditions would not take us to the same destination. Science and spirituality are not mutually exclusive. Our human lives are very short compared to the scale of the cosmos.

In the small time available to us both of these are attempts into understanding the universe, us, and how the two integrate and interact. The more you try to align science and spirituality without being forced into the traps of either, the more you will find yourself closer to your individual destination. A place where your life is in complete alignment with your lifestyle.