Allergic rhinitis is one of the seasonal allergies like allergic asthma found in most of the Indians because of sudden weather fluctuations or pollens. It is a situation in which a person suffers from a highly itchy nose, nasal congestion and feels short of breath because of the continuous sneezing issue. A mild pain in the throat is also a symptom when this allergy triggers.

According to medical science, this allergy is caused whenever your body feels the sudden changes in the climatic conditions like from hot to sudden cold, or from the pollens, dust, animal dander, pet hair etc. It even starts worsening if timely proper medication is not provided to the allergic person. Home-made remedies like hot ginger tulsi added tea in the early morning time can provide a great relief and internal warmness to the allergic’s body.

Fortunately, yoga has a cure for almost every human problem. We have shown specific asanas below to provide you relief in rhinitis allergy.


As the name suggests pada means feet and angutha mean big toe is the posture that deals with bending your whole body towards your big toe. Inhale while raising your hands and exhale while bend towards your toe. Make sure that your forehead will touch to your knees while bending. You should be empty stomach before performing this asana.


This pose is very effective and helps in opening up the chest and lungs to take in more oxygen which got restricted by the nasal congestion. This pose is very simple to perform, you just have to join your hands in the air and stretch one of your legs backward and bend the other one in the forward direction.

Setu Bandhasana:

This asana is very helpful in managing many breathing allergies like asthma. Like its name suggests its meaning it is kind of building a bridge (setu) by lying down and lifting up the lower back portion. This also helps in expanding the lungs to provide an ease in breathing.

Ardha Chandrasana:

This pose is also known as the half moon pose which can be practiced by bending half of your body towards one side. It is helpful in providing the relief in breathing concerns like sinus, wheezing, asthma, rhinitis etc.

Before you practice any such yoga poses at home, it is recommended to take help from some professional yoga instructor to do it in a proper way.