Today marks an accomplishment! The achievement of Bow pose or at least my version. I still have a ways to go! But you can see below that I can grab my feet and maintain straight legs with no pain.

Bow pose is one of those poses that you see when you start practising yoga and think to yourself, “There is no way I can do that one.”So I didn’t even try for months. I would just kind of lay, yes, literally lay.

bend legs

I didn’t want to not be successful, because if I am in a class full of people I don’t want to be the one who looked silly trying to catch my legs but then I learned some amazing things about this pose that motivated me to at least try.

The first and most straightforward benefit was that it could help with my back pain. I work in a stressful desk job and back pain had become a common occurrence.

The next amazing thing is a little more difficult to explain but here it goes.

I am not sure if you noticed but alignment is a big deal in yoga. Every pose, and class mentions that you should pay attention to your alignment. And when you are properly aligned in a specific asana you create some type of shape with your body whether you notice it or not. And the shape you are creating is intentional and is always somehow related to balance whether it is physical, spiritual or universal balance there is some underlying meaning that comes from a simple pose. Even the “simplest pose” mountain pose is a representation of a straight line moving energy and breath from the root to the crown through energy portals called chakras.

With bow pose, essentially, you create a circular shape with your body. The solar plexus and sacral chakra grounded to receive the earth’s energy and the heart chakra opened to receive universal energy. While using your breath energy (pranayama) to enhance flow of the energy throughout your body you have a huge wave of energy available to use and reused within yourself. Round and round it goes from your head to your feet using your arms as the connector. If you visualise the colours associate with your chakra energy and its connection with the universe you can officially say that you are one for that moment in time.

Is that a good enough reason to try this particular asana (pose)? Isn’t this a reason to practice this pose until you achieve the hamstring and spine flexibility you are looking for!

So are you wondering how to do a Bow Pose?

The instructions are rather simple. The hard part is getting your body into a shape it is not used to.

First, lay flat on your abdomen arms facing behind.

Bow pose

Second, bend your legs at the knee and lift your chest.

Lift the chest up

Finally, grab your legs and pull them back while looking forward and breathe intentionally.

Grab your legs

Word to the wise: Please maintain alignment in this pose and keep the knees hip distance apart.

Overall Benefits

Outside of simply being amazing there are multiple and well documented benefits to consider and motivate you to doing this back bend which are:

  • Abdominal message- constipation relief
  • Improved posture
  • Overall strength of the legs, back and buttock
  • Overall energy

With all of these amazing benefits, how could you not be intrigued? Let us know how you do with this pose.

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About the author:

She is a RN with a Master’s Degree in Nursing Education embarking on a forever journey in Author's Piclife, parenting, work, yoga, and now blogging. She is currently working as a project manager in the quality department of a 14 hospital medical system. When she met yoga, she realised that only a few months of practising 2-4 times a week there is a huge difference in her physical body, spiritual body, and surprisingly enough her mind body.