Asthma is defined as the condition in which a person feels short of breath due to which a person might feels restless or unconscious at several times. It is the state in which the bronchial tubes get swollen and restrict the air passage to pass the sufficient air to the lungs. Asthma can be genetic and environmental. Many people in India are suffering from allergic asthma which causes wheezing when the allergens in the form of dust or pollen grains trigger the allergic person.

Nowadays, medical science has the cure for almost every disease so we have inhalers for the immediate relief of the asthma attack.

But apart from the medication, some usual yoga practices in our daily life can slowly and steadily eradicate this severe issue from our lives. As asthma is a breathing concern and yoga involves proper breathing exercises in its asanas.

Here are few asanas that can provide an ease in asthma:

1. Sukhasana


This pose is really simple and effective. You have to sit straight to practice this pose just like the normal seating. There is no time boundation on this pose, you can sit as long as you can. This pose is best for relaxation purpose and one can feel calm and stress-free. The negativity and tensed feelings can easily be released with the help of this.

2. Sethu Bandhasana

Sethu Bandhasana

The Sethu Bandhasana as its name signifies –bridge, is the pose of making the pose like the bridge. It helps you in opening the lungs and chest. Also, it is recommended to do in the early morning and try to hold this asana for 30-60 seconds.

3. PurvottanasanaPurvottanasana


This asana is the stretching facing the east side and it means accepting the positivity from all the corners as the sun also rises from the eastern side. You should always be empty stomach while performing this asana. It helps in the improvement of respiratory system and stimulates the thyroid gland.

4. Upavistha Konasana

Upavistha Konasana

The asana is beneficial for the nervous system and maintaining inner peace. It is done in a seated position by widely stretching your legs and by folding the upper body forward. By practicing this pose, you might feel that your mind is open to accept new possibilities.

5. Ardha Matsyendrasana

Ardha Matsyendrasana

This pose of yoga is helpful in passing the oxygen to the lungs and improving the oxygen capacity by half twisting your spine. Practice it with the empty stomach and try to hold the pose for 30-60 seconds. This pose mainly helps in reducing the asthma attacks.

6. Bhujangasana


This asana is popularly known as the cobra pose because its posture looks like the rising hood of a cobra snake. It helps in broadening the air passages to provide an ease to asthma patients. This pose can even improve your flexibility and build a strong immune system as well.

Thus, with the help of these asanas, one can be in ease of handling asthmatic strokes and build the stamina to manage the sudden wheezing. This will help the asthma patients to lead a peaceful life like others.