Review of Kashish Yoga School as written by a Mar 2018 participant.

Kashish yoga school is a multi-style 200 YTT school located in south Goa, India. I chose to attend this phone for their wide variety of teaching methods. They offer practice and theory courses on aerial, hatha, vinyasa, yin, and ashtanga. Their location close to the beach was a perfect place for someone looking to relax and dive deeper into the practice. Their staff was knowledgeable and well versed in each type of yoga they taught.

There are four beautiful ashrams set up to accommodate the students. They offer 24-hour security, and management is almost always on site. They also provide airport pickup, which is a great option if you are unfamiliar with travel in India.

The location of the school is very beautiful amongst rice fields and open pastures. There is an underground pool on the location where you can rest during your break times. Wifi is OK, but normal for Indian standards. It can be overloaded during break times when all the students have some time off. They have bikes available for rent that you can take on the ten-minute journey to the beach, where there are plenty of shops and restaurants available.

The 24-day intensive program starts every morning with a 30-minute self-pranayama and yoga practice, followed by 90 minutes of guided yoga, with information on alignment and best practices. Three flavorful, healthy, and vegetarian meals are served Monday through Saturday (They accommodate vegan/gluten free diets as well). Afternoons are filled with classes about anatomy, alignment, and philosophy, followed another 90-minute yoga course. Every evening will consist of an hour long guided meditation, chanting, or group discussion, where you will expand your knowledge of mindfulness, through multiple different styles. All the instructors have different styles of teaching, and all are open throughout the day to give you tips, and answer any questions you may have about your practice.

This course is recommended for all levels. They start from the very basics, giving you the foundations to start your yoga journey, whether you intend to teach or not. You are expected to pass a 2 hour test and lead a full 60 minute class in order to receive your certification. Price is comparable to other schools in the area, ranging from 1000 euro for an offsite hostel dorm bed, to 2000 euro for a single, on site hut. There is NO AC and NO running hot water, but hot water is available outside that you can transport back to the shower with a bucket. The huts are basic, and they offer cleaning services one a week. You can have your laundry done for a fee onsite, but it is much more expensive than in town.

Overall, this is a great school for the price. My only comment was that it gets crowded fast. (the dorm accommodates 6, but isn’t much bigger than a double person hut).

They alternate course start times every two weeks, and it can begin to feel a bit crowded when there is over 50 people at the school. (The dining area isn’t large enough to accommodate 50 people at once) They offer fun activities on the weekend, such as dolphin trips or a cooking class and you get to take some classes on the beach during sunrise. It’s a nice way to get your mind off the course, since it can be quite intensive. It can be information overload since you are learning about 6 styles of yoga, but that great for people who aren’t sure yet what path they are taking in their yoga practice.

Overall, Kashish Yoga School is good for those looking for an accredited YTT on a budget. You get great food, experienced teachers, and a chance to meet people from all over the world. There is plenty of opportunities to reach out to instructors and everyone is very friendly and helpful. The location is superb, and the huts are basic, but clean. You will stay busy and leave feeling relaxed, knowledgeable, and have an understanding of how to build your yoga journey.